Annayah Al Sahrae (IID USA)

Jabbaar El Halimaar MH (US) X Victoria Moon MH (Imp USA)

Annayah Al Sahrae has never been shown due to a paddock injury. However still has amazing big and soft eyes, along with a solid body and great movement. Annayah Al Sahrae has proven that with her first foal that she can also produce champions. Her first ever foal is Chanel Al Sahrae who won her very first show and came supreme champion in the ATH devision.



Ansata IBN Halima (EG)

El Halimaar (US)

RDM Maar Hala (US)

Jabbaar El Halimaar MH (US)

Ansata El Sherif (US)

Sanaata (US)

Annayah Al Sahrae (IID USA)

AK El Sanaa (US)

Crusader (SE)

Maarauder MH (GB)

Victoria Moon MH (Imp USA)

Maartrabbi (GB)

El Hilal (US)

Sharmagne (US)

Sallama (EG)



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